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The only difference between a flower and a weed is a judgement

— Wayne Dyer

Welcome to my website.

A computer professional for over 25 years, and a professional organizer on Cape Cod for over 10 years, I offer a variety of services to individuals and small businesses.

Website Design and Maintenance

If you need a presence on the web, and want to have a website or blog for your personal use or small business, I can help.  I create simple, easy to navigate sites for businesses, organizations and personal use.

Computer Help and Virtual Assistant

In addition, for those living on Cape Cod, I offer reasonably-priced computer help – setting up or upgrading your computer,  adding printers, scanners, digital cameras and learning how to use you computer’s many tools, including email.  I can troubleshoot many computer problems and make those sometimes frustrating calls to internet providers for you.

If you need someone to type up letters, newsletters, brochures, flyers and such, I can act as your “virtual assistant”, and get the job done.

Home and Office Organization, Moving Assistance and Managment

Also for those on Cape Cod, I also provide help with home and office organization, downsizing and moving from one home to either another home, or to assisted living.

Please email me at terry@terrygavinsolutions.com for any questions, or to leave me a phone number so that I may call you.